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Paul Rice

Operations Manager

“Kaizen in Japanese means "change for the better" or "continuous improvement, personal discipline is the most important founding element of Kaizen” - Paul Rice


Paul joined the Army in 1990 as an infantry soldier and went on to complete 22 years service across the globe. During his service, he spent some time specialising in the Mortar Platoon and then on to complete his time within the Signals Platoon where he gained experience in communications systems and operations room management.

He served operationally in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan and this helped to build his character, teaching him a level of resilience and self-resolve.

After leaving the Amy, Paul went on to work as a diplomatic close protection officer for the British Embassy in Baghdad in Iraq. During his time there, he was responsible for the protection of several high-ranking British diplomats and visiting VIPs. This has given him excellent first-hand experience in the protection of high-profile individuals within a hostile environment and a greater understanding of their needs.

In 2020, Paul joined our team managing an important site in Oxford and in 2021, he was promoted from Security Manager to Operations Manager.

In 2021, Paul completed the ISMI Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP) Risk Management course written by the International Security Management Institute, a gruelling and well-rounded 12-month course that saw Paul writing as much as 30k words per month.

As the Operations Manager of Intelligent Protection International Ltd, Paul makes customer service his top priority and is driven to deliver a top-notch service to our clients, whilst investing in staff and their personal development. He strongly believes that by investing in our workforce, we can produce the very best operators, which in turn will enable us to provide a service that is second to none.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys SCUBA diving, with one of his favourite places being The Maldives Islands where he has spent some fantastic dives with large Manta Rays: “one of the best things I have ever seen in my life”.

SIA: 1085334438597473 (British Close Protection Licence - Front line i.e. for Close Protection Operatives)

Paul Rice


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