international intelligence

International Intelligence Limited

“A private intelligence firm with international reach”

International Intelligence

International Intelligence Limited is one of those companies that punches well above its weight.

Incorporated in the UK in 2002 and now with offices in London, Paris and New York, International Intelligence has been involved in some of the most interesting and complex litigation cases of the past decade, the largest, a £10Bn litigation case. International Intelligence has also been involved in cross-border litigation, involving Sovereign State entities.


Drawing initially from the military and British intelligence services and then adding former Police Officers and technical experts into the mix, International Intelligence employs those that it considers being at the very top of their field.

Both Sides Of The Coin:

Having a broad range of personnel from various backgrounds, has enabled International Intelligence to become a leader in both intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence, both technical and physical. Many of our competitors claim to be experts in countering something that they have never actually done in real life!

International Recognition:

International Intelligence has on occasions been asked by International Press, TV News and various Newspapers and Publications to comment on security and espionage related issues. These include interviews with Sky News in the UK and a number of articles from News Agencies in Russia, to legal publications in the UK such as the Law Gazette.


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Company information

  • International Intelligence Limited - UK
  • International Intelligence Limited - France
  • Incorporated: 11th July 2002
    Registration number: 04483341
    Dun & Bradstreet, DUNS® Number: 640799941
    • International Intelligence Limited, 88 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6AA, United Kingdom
    • International Intelligence Limited, 20 F St, 7th Floor, Capitol Hill, Washington DC 20001, USA
    • International Intelligence Limited, The Leas, Eastington, Gloucestershire, GL10 3SQ, United Kingdom